Product, Marketing, Design


I am an award-winning creative digital strategist who is smart about what matters. And what matters is the artful combination of the opportunities available, the outcomes you expect & the context in which they are activated.

In fact, "Groundbreaking Thinker" and "Innovation Accelerator" are just two of the things I have been called by online personality tests. (Things people have actually said.)

My clients have included Apple, PBS, Mozilla, media companies, and a host of not-for-profits & filmmakers. Check out my portfolio for more info.

You'll find a list of things I'm good at and enjoy doing below. (not .com)


  •   Design Thinking
  •   Strategy & Activation
  •   Marketing
  •   Social Media
  •   New Media
  •   UX Design
  •   Campaign Management
  •   Discovery
  •   Planning
  •   Prototyping
  •   Launch
  •   Web Design
  •   Lean Startup / Lean Non-Profit
  •   Film / Video / Branded Content
  •   Optimization
  •   Growth
  •   Analytics

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  • Apple

    interactive storytelling
    digital engagement

  • Bizvizz

    product design
    ux design

  • Mozilla Living Docs Project
    Mozilla / LivingDocs

    strategy & activation
    event design/management
    lean prototyping
    new media

  • NALIP Latino Producer's Academy
    New Media Lab

    design thinking
    new media
    business model design
    discovery & planning
    ux design

  • Independent Lens PBS
    PBS / Independent Lens

    social media strategy & activation
    new media
    project management

  • V-Day One Billion Rising
    One Billion Rising Shorty Nominated

    campaign management
    social media strategy
    web design
    live video production

  • BAVC Bay Area Video Coalition
    Producer's Institute
    MediaMaker Fellowship

    new media

  • Half the Sky Movement
    Half the Sky

    social media / social tv strategy
    cross-channel engagement
    campaign management

  • Tall Chair, Tablo
    Tablo (Tall Chair)

    product development
    marketing strategy

  • Mayors Against Illegal Guns
    Mayors Against Illegal Guns

    social media
    content strategy

  • Startup Weekend Transmedia
    Startup Weekend Transmedia


  • Online Video Engagement Experience
    Online Video Engagement Experience

    lean startup
    MVP (minimum viable product)
    social media marketing


Jonathan exhibits strong entrepreneurial drive, curiosity, and diligence. I was constantly impressed with his ideas and very, very smart strategies. You would be making a smart choice to have him on your team.

Kevin Dando
Sr. Director Digital, PBS

Jonathan is someone who is always looking to experiment and push boundaries with digital strategy and implementations of cross-media productions. He is the kind of creative, divergent thinker that is rare in any work environment.

Matthew Meschery
Senior Strategist, Nurun SF

It's been great to work with [Jonathan] over the past few days, and we all really enjoyed having [his] fresh perspective, clear thinking, and deep knowledge of the field to help us as we consider possibilities for the campaign.

Dmitri Cavander
Creative Director, Apple

Jonathan created the new media lab for the Latino Producers Academy held in Sante Fe, New Mexico. His design and execution of that program exceeded my expectations. He brought together stellar mentors from the new media world and worked tirelessly to help producers develop all aspects of their new media projects. His primer presentation on new media to the entire Academy was the best I have seen in all my years in the field. All of the producers were ecstatic in their appreciation of Jonathan's intelligence and leadership at the Academy.

Richard Saiz
Filmmaker, Consultant

Jonathan Archer is one of the most innovative thinkers I have ever had the good fortune of working with. He simply made us better by making us think critically and differently about the work we produced.

Steve Goldbloom
Producer, Web Celeb

I had the pleasure of engaging Jonathan on a number of innovative social media engagement strategies to enhance promotion for programs airing on PBS' award-winning series Independent Lens. He surfaced stratetigic digital engagement campaigns for our audiences, was the go to guy for all things digital and was a great resource for helping us track digital trends and how best to apply them to better engage viewers. He was always passionate, engaged, and deeply focused on generating a successful outcome for our team. I came to rely heavily on his expertise for innovation in the social media space.

Voleine Amilcar
Director of Public Relations

The social media campaign for the premiere of our documentary Half the Sky: Turning Oppression into Opportunity for Women Worldwide was hugely successful in large part due to Jonathan's creativity, passion and impressive knowledge of online audiences. Even though we were on opposite coasts, his collaborative nature and constant availability made for a seamless partnership.

Liriel Higa
Director of Social Media

Jonathan is one of those guys who is both fun to work with, and who makes you better at your own job. His passion for innovation allowed us to work together on clever projects to help extend important films to much bigger audiences via the web. Fearless, insightful, passionate, dedicated, and hard-working, this is the guy you pray works in your general vicinity.

Brooke Shelby Biggs
Editor, Social Media Manager, Writer